Retail Stores

Prevent underage sales of alcohol, tobacco, and other restricted products

Bars & Nightclubs

Ensure legal drinking age compliance effortlessly


Verify ages for the sale of certain medications

Cinemas & Entertainment Venues

Manage access to age-rated films and events

Vending Machines

Automated compliance for age-restricted products

Casinos & Gambling

Restrict entry to minors and comply with gambling laws

Products That Require Verification

Age & ID Verification

We offer advanced age and ID verification solutions to ensure your business complies with legal regulations, protects minors, and enhances operational security compliance for a wide range of age-restricted products:

Vaping Products
Gambling Services
Firearms & Ammunition
Financial Services
Nicotine Replacement Products
Restricted Chemicals
Built-in, app-free dispensing

Instant Four-Factor Verification

Easily integrate our age verification devices into any vending machine for automated compliance and security with age-restricted products.

Live biometric face check

Instantly verify identities with real-time facial recognition technology for enhanced security and accuracy

Date of birth check

Quickly and accurately confirm age eligibility by verifying the provided date
iPhone mockup

3D face to 2D photo ID match

Enhance security by matching a live 3D facial scan with the 2D photo on an ID for precise identity verification

Document authenticity verification

Ensure the validity of ID documents with advanced technology that detects forgery and confirms authenticity

Simple Two-Step Verification

Pass Facial Recognition

Live biometric face check using a scanning camera that matches a 3D facial scan to the 2D photo on the ID

Complete Document Verification

Users insert their ID card or driver's license into the document tray scanner for date of birth verification and document authenticity check


Built-in, app-free dispensing

Live biometric face check
3D face to 2D photo in the ID match
Date of birth check
Document authenticity verification


User at the vending machine is required only to look into the camera and put the ID card or driver's license into the document tray.

User- Friendly.

The device displays the process to the user and automates all steps.


Biometric camera and document
tray provide four-factor verification the spot.

Option for Integrated Cash Acceptor / Recycler.

Capable of accepting all U.S. dollar denominations, programmable to return same denominations as change with a 500 note stacker and 70 note recycler perfect for purchased of high-value items
Age Verification Station

Age Verification Station

This all-in-one secure solution is designed for safeguarding high-end or valuable items. It offers seamless and swift age verification directly at your vending machine. With a simple two-step process, users only need to look into the camera and place their identification document into the designated tray for quick and accurate verification.

Age Verifier Station Add-On

Age Verifier Station Add-On

The Age Verifier combines any Optimal Station asset of your choice with an integrated age verification device and industry-unique software for precise, quick, and secure on-the-spot verification.

Age Verification Device

Age Verification Device

Utilizing biometric face check technology, it seamlessly matches 3D facial scans to 2D ID photos, verifies the date of birth, and authenticates document legitimacy, providing comprehensive age verification. Mounted on any compatible vending machine, it ensures secure and accurate age checks for regulatory compliance and peace of mind.

*Note: Age Verification devices can be added to virtually any vending machine!

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