Space-Efficient Powerhouse

Clear View Jr. Station

The slim and sleek form of this Station is great for those tight spaces or
smaller-footprint-required areas. At only 32” wide, this machine fits through most doorways and can easily fit into elevators and narrow halls. The top of the machine features a 23” HD monitor capable of looping digital ads, attracting more passersby and promoting your brand or generating ad revenue.

We also offer a bump-out feature allowing for a larger screen for added ease of use. The front of the Station has a glass front, allowing consumers to see the product being dispensed, and a touchscreen user interface that also offers advertising space.

Clear View Jr. Station Options Image

Slim & Sleek Design

Perfect for tight spaces and smaller-footprint-required areas

Clear Glass Front

Enhance transparency by allowing customers to view the actual items before selection

User-Friendly Interface

Custom branded touchscreen that displays the process to the user and automates all steps

Remote Monitoring & Management

Track inventory levels, monitor temperature settings, and receive alerts for maintenance, ensuring seamless operation and maximum uptime

Integrated Payment Options

Cash, credit card swipe, NFC tap-2-pay mobile pay options, and EMV chip options

Station Options

Automated Retail Clear View Jr. 270 Station

Clear View Jr. 270° Station

The ideal solution for maximizing space without compromising functionality. The glass front allows for product visibility, enticing consumers to explore and make selections while also providing advertising and educational content space on the user interface screen as well as both 43” screens on each side, maximizing consumer engagement and brand awareness.

Automated Retail Double Clear View Jr. Station

Double Clear View Jr. Station

Designed with space efficiency in mind, the Double Clear View Jr. Station offers a compact footprint without compromising on product variety. This innovative vending setup combines two separate vending machines seamlessly controlled by a single tower. You can offer a wide range of products to meet diverse consumer preferences, all while making the most of limited floor space.

Automated Retail Clear View Jr. Large Screen Station

Clear View Jr. Large Screen Station

Perfect for maximizing space while accommodating a substantial product inventory. With its larger screen, consumers can effortlessly explore your user interface, enhancing engagement and ease of use and creating even more digital real estate for advertising or education.

Automated Retail Clear View Jr. Bumpout Station

Clear View Jr. Bumpout Station

Incorporate enticing shapes of your products or bumpouts that resonate with your brand's campaign to attract consumers to purchase items from your vending machine. With additional branding space surrounding the screen, The Clear View Jr. Bumpout Station provides ample opportunity for customization.

Automated Retail Clear View Jr. Station

Clear View Jr. Station

The Clear View Jr. is our most economical full-size Station capable of dispensing items. It’s a great solution for when you’re looking to maximize space but still be able to stock a sizeable amount of product.

Automated Retail Clear View Jr. Inventory Control Station

Clear View Jr. Inventory Control Station

Designed to maximize space while offering ample product storage. Ideal for businesses seeking efficient inventory control, this Station provides a comprehensive solution for managing stock levels and monitoring product dispensing. With its intuitive interface and customizable features, businesses can easily track inventory, optimize restocking schedules, and ensure product availability to meet internal or external consumer demand.

Station Features

Clear View Jr. Station Dimensions

Dimensions fully assembled: 95” Tall (with Ad Topper) x 32” Wide x 37” Deep
Electrical requirements: 110 VAC 15 amps standard socket

Clear View Jr. Station Software Features

Age Verification & ID Authentication are available
Remote digital signage management
Detailed thumbnail product images
Cloud-based image and product hosting
Automatic self-diagnostic control system
Vend detection by photocells sensors on the elevator
Local weather widgets live-stream
Robust back-end management and reports
Digital ads above UI (User Interface)
Coupon/Promotions input
Email receipt
Shopping cart technology
Quick checkout technology
Credit card swipe, NFC tap-2-pay mobile pay options, and EMV chip options
Custom API integration is available
Promo code acceptance
RFID scanner that can be integrated with existing employee ID cards/Fobs
Social-media-activated software allowing for hashtag dispense
RSS feeds

Clear View Jr. Station Hardware

10” touchscreen User Interface (although bumpout option can allow for up to a 15” screen)
Soft Elevator Delivery System.
Up to 8 trays with 7 channels / extractors (Depending on the height and width of products)
Flexible configuration
The conveyor belt system allows for quick modification of channel width and depth
Vend detection by photocells sensors on the elevator
LED lighting system with on-off programming
Maximum package deliverable: 5”x5”x9”
Tempered glass
3 point main cabin locking system
The optional cooling unit allows programmable temperature from 34ºF to 54ºF.
Cash and cashless payment systems available