Large Item Dispenser, with Glass-Front View

Clear View Tower Station

The Clear View Tower Station has a large elevator for product delivery, allowing the sale and dispensing of large-sized items and multi-item purchases. The product delivery system of this Station can be adjustable to almost any package shape. Dispense items from a business card to a laptop (or both at the same time)! Note that this custom-built Station includes a tower with a 23-inch touchscreen (larger size screens are possible, however, the tower size would increase in width accordingly. The tower also holds optional payment (cash and/or cashless), age verification, and ID authentication hardware. This Station has the option for a cooling unit that maintains ideal conditions for refrigerated products.

Automated Retail Clear View Tower Station

Large Elevator for Product Delivery

Designed for the sale and dispensing of large-sized items and multi-item purchases

Customizable Tray System

Flexible tray system to accommodate virtually any kind of packaging

User-Friendly Interface

Custom branded touchscreen that displays the process to the user and automates all steps

Remote Monitoring & Management

Track inventory levels, monitor temperature settings, and receive alerts for maintenance, ensuring seamless operation and maximum uptime

Integrated Payment Options

Cash, credit card swipe, NFC tap-2-pay mobile pay options, and EMV chip options

Station Features

Clear View Tower Station Dimensions

Dimensions Fully Assembled: 72” x 31.5” x 60.5”
Electrical requirements: 110 VAC 15 amps standard socket
Weight: Estimated 950 Lbs. (weight varies depending on custom tower)

Clear View Tower Station Software Features

Age Verification & ID Authentication are available
Remote digital signage management
Detailed thumbnail product images
Cloud-based image and product hosting
Automatic self-diagnostic control system
Vend detection by photocells sensors on the elevator
Local weather widgets live-stream
Robust back-end management and reports
Digital ads above UI (User Interface)
Coupon/Promotions input
Email receipt
Shopping cart technology
Quick checkout technology
Credit card swipe, NFC tap-2-pay mobile pay options, and EMV chip options
Custom API integration is available
Promo code acceptance
RFID scanner that can be integrated with existing employee ID cards/Fobs
Social-media-activated software allowing for hashtag dispense
RSS feeds

Clear View Tower Station Hardware

Soft Elevator Delivery System
Up to 8 trays with 10 channels / extractors (Depending on the height and width of products)
Maximum package deliverable: 17”x 5”x 12”
FIFO system used to deliver products
Vend detection by photocells sensors on the elevator
LED lighting system with on-off programming
Transparent glass front
Flexible configuration
The EasyFlex system allows the fast modification of the width and depth of the channel
No additional spare parts are needed to create a new configuration
Programmable torque and speed of the motors
Optional cooling unit allows programmable temperatures from 34 º F to 54º F.
Cash and cashless payment systems available