Premium Space Saver

Compact Wall Station

Attract consumers to engage with your brand with the most compact of the Optimal Station lineup. This small, but mighty touchscreen Station is available as a wall mount or on a stand, perfect for small spaces and ideal for dispensing small items. The vivid 32” interactive touch screen delivers a lot of exposure for such a small footprint.

Compact Wall Station Options Image

Compact Design

Designed to make a big impact in small spaces

Versatile Mounting Options

Available as a wall mount or on a stand, adapts to diverse spatial constraints

User-Friendly Interface

Custom branded touchscreen that displays the process to the user and automates all steps

Remote Monitoring & Management

Track inventory levels and receive alerts for maintenance, ensuring seamless operation and maximum uptime

Integrated Payment Options

Cash, credit card swipe, NFC tap-2-pay mobile pay options, and EMV chip options

Station Options

Automated Retail Compact Wall Station

Compact Wall Station

Compact yet powerful touchscreen solution, ideal for engaging consumers in small spaces and vending small items, offering versatile mounting options and a vibrant 32” interactive display for maximum brand exposure.

Automated Retail Compact Station on Stand

Compact Station on Stand

Offers unparalleled mobility, enabling placement in any location, making it an ideal choice for dispensing small items or sample sizes on the go.

Station Features

Compact Wall Station Dimensions

Dimensions fully assembled: 27.5”W x 10.5”D x 49.25”H
Electrical requirements: 110 VAC 15 amps standard socket
Weight is approximately 140 pounds (63.5kg)

Compact Wall Station Software Features

Age Verification & ID Authentication are available
Remote digital signage management
Detailed thumbnail product images
Cloud-based image and product hosting
Automatic self-diagnostic control system
Vend detection by photocells sensors on the elevator
Local weather widgets live-stream
Robust back-end management and reports
Digital ads above UI (User Interface)
Coupon/Promotions input
Email receipt
Shopping cart technology
Quick checkout technology
Credit card swipe, NFC tap-2-pay mobile pay options, and EMV chip options
Custom API integration is available
Promo code acceptance
RFID scanner that can be integrated with existing employee ID cards/Fobs
Social-media-activated software allowing for hashtag dispense
RSS feeds

Compact Wall Station Hardware

Maximum package deliverable: 6” L x 3” T x 2.5” W or less
Up to 10 unique product selections (depending upon the height and width of products)
Spiral/coil dispensing system
2-point main cabin locking system
Custom vinyl wraps, design printing, and installation
Cash and cashless payment systems available