Enjoy Frozen Treats, Dispensed Quickly & Easily

Frozen Station

The Frozen Station is the perfect way to reach consumers with the perfect treat on a hot summer day and any other time they’re looking for a refreshing treat! This Station features an HD touchscreen user interface to make it a quick and easy way to serve your frozen products. This Station maintains your frozen products at the perfect temperature because it includes an insulated cooler to keep your products at optimal freshness. It also offers a flexible tray system custom adjustable to virtually any kind of packaging.

Automated Retail Frozen Station

Quick & Easy Dispensing

With just a simple touch, customers can swiftly enjoy their favorite frozen treats, ensuring a hassle-free and satisfying experience every time

Temperature Maintenance

Ensures that frozen products are maintained at the perfect temperature

User-Friendly Interface

Custom branded touchscreen that displays the process to the user and automates all steps

Remote Monitoring & Management

Track inventory levels, monitor temperature settings, and receive alerts for maintenance, ensuring seamless operation and maximum uptime

Integrated Payment Options

Cash, credit card swipe, NFC tap-2-pay mobile pay options, and EMV chip options

Station Features

Frozen Station Dimensions

Dimensions fully assembled: 72.24 in. x 50.32 in. x 42.95 in.
Electrical Requirements: 110 VAC 15 amps standard socket
Weight: 956 lbs.

Frozen Station Software Features

Age Verification & ID Authentication are available
Remote digital signage management
Detailed thumbnail product images
Cloud-based image and product hosting
Automatic self-diagnostic control system
Vend detection by photocells sensors on the elevator
Local weather widgets live-stream
Robust back-end management and reports
Digital ads above UI (User Interface)
Coupon/Promotions input
Email receipt
Shopping cart technology
Quick checkout technology
Credit card swipe, NFC tap-2-pay mobile pay options, and EMV chip options
Custom API integration is available
Promo code acceptance
RFID scanner that can be integrated with existing employee ID cards/Fobs
Social-media-activated software allowing for hashtag dispense
RSS feeds

Frozen Station Hardware

Optimized capacity and volume
21.5” or optional 32” touchscreen
Soft delivery elevator at the consumer’s hand height
Smart temperature management, several sensors in different points of the cabinet.
Programmable temperature expiration, inhibits the vending of products in case of temperature loss, with real-time alerts
Fitted to deliver products up to the following sizes: 7 in. x 87 in. x 2 in. It can also vend ice bags
Cabinet sealed with a motorized door lock
Maximum dampness insulation.
Cash and cashless payment systems available
Cloud-based management
Healthy timer: expiration programming by temperature
Product delivery detection photocells
Automatic defrosting system