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February 4, 2023

Want to get Better and Stronger? Find a Winning Partner.


These days it seems like every article, blog, and email starts off with some reference to the Coronavirus.  Many times, the content continues with news, updates, or suggestions on staying safe and what actions are being taken by people, businesses, and organizations to ensure that goal.  The most common thread in all of these writings is “helping” and “working together” to accomplish the goal of eliminating COVID-19 and getting back to “normal.” We at Optimal Station hope that this desire to be helpful and to work together becomes firmly entrenched in our new normal.  

Always Better Together

In considering this topic over the last number of weeks, we realized how prevalent that philosophy has always been here at Optimal Station, truly at the core of who we are and the type of people and companies with which we want to work.  In fact, before this nasty virus became the topic of conversation everywhere all the time, we were in the process of planning a marketing activation at the 2020 Experiential Marketing Summit (which of course, has since been postponed). The theme we had chosen for the activation was, “Better Together,” demonstrating how working with our design partners at Design Pickle had made (and continues to make) both of our companies better. (Stay tuned for future blogs wherein we will share the concept as it comes to fruition at the rescheduled (October 19th through 21st) EMS event.

The Rebranding Process

Working together had also been subconsciously guiding us in our recent rebranding process (and resulting website redesign), also made possible by our Design Pickle partners.  We found ourselves attracted to a honeycomb visual, but thought perhaps it was simply the aesthetic that was appealing. However, when the honeycomb led us to the bee image, we considered how powerful the message of bees working harmoniously together is and how it’s such a big part of who we are and who we want to continue to be. Also, just like bees, we have a strong sense of duty to our community and to our families. Coming full circle, the honeycomb design itself is a symbol of structured cooperation.

What’s in a Color?

Even the colors that called to us in the process of rebranding turn out to be related to our focus.  For example, color psychology has found that indigo blue, now prevalent throughout our branding, represents strength of service to humanity.  It also conveys integrity and deep sincerity, two key principles of our corporate identity. Then we played around with the entire color wheel to identify other colors that would work well together with our indigo blue.  When our amazing Design Pickle designer, Rafael, suggested a certain honey shade of yellow we researched it and learned that it stood for wisdom and creativity as well as power and communication. Yellow also represents happiness, clarity, and sunlight confirming that it was perfect for that additional pop of color our branding needed. Furthermore, how fitting that the honey color completely correlated to the whole honey bee concept!

And then out of left field….

In the midst of this lengthy and complicated rebranding process, the aforementioned virus reared its ugly head, causing us to pivot (and pivot again), reexamining what we could/should do and how. One thing we knew for sure, we wanted to be part of the solution.  We began to reach out to all who were willing to help in order to determine how best to combine forces, be proactive, and be of help when and where we could. It made sense to create a new division of our company, with the intent that its sole purpose be to work synergistically with others to be “Optimal Together.”  

Our first call-to-action was to combine forces with companies and organizations that could either provide supplies or sponsor the efforts so that we could dispense the necessary items to those in need using our vending Stations.  We crafted a letter of hope, need, and solidarity to share with those prospective philanthropic partners.

When we asked Rafael if he would work with us to create a logo for the division and to make the letter visually appealing, he (as usual) was eager to jump in and give it a go.  (He loves it when we give him something especially challenging.) With practically no initial input from us, he presented a few ingenious options. We added a few of our own creative ideas (working TOGETHER…get it?) and arrived at the perfect solution!

We were beyond excited when Rafael’s final version had the bee’s wings shaped like hearts, since love is another key principle guiding our company.

In fact, that type of positive energy, creativity, and ingenuity are some of the attributes we love most about Design Pickle.  They truly feel like an extension of Optimal Station. It’s like having that employee you know you can always count on. They’re always working in the background with very little direction and absolutely no supervision necessary. In these times, we can all use one less thing to worry about! Design Pickle makes it possible for Optimal Station to focus on what’s truly important right now, taking care of our families and friends, including our clients.  We’ll see you on the other side…stronger and at the same time more flexible than ever, thanks in great part to our partnership with Design Pickle. Take care and be safe.

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