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April 21, 2022

Why WOULDN’T You Want a Turnkey Solution?


A turnkey solution is the best choice….right?  Maybe, maybe not.

When you hear or read, “turnkey,” does it automatically connotate, “better?”  The definition of turnkey, according to Merriam Webster is, “built, supplied, or installed complete and ready to operate.”  It sounds so easy, so enticing, right?  But it is the best fit for YOU?  

Another term thrown around all the time is, “custom.”  It’s amusing to see preowned “custom” items for sale, especially when they carry a premium price tag for being “custom.”  But doesn’t that mean it was made custom for the original purchaser?  You may have precisely the same needs and specifications as the previous owner, but it’s unlikely.  So there is a strong chance that you will have to make further modifications or settle for your as-is “custom” item, or worse, start all over from scratch.

The same dilemmas can be true with “turnkey.”  Turnkey for whom? For which circumstances and scenarios? If you’re purchasing a turnkey setup, does it offer more features than you need, therefore costing you more unnecessarily?  Or conversely, are you going to need modifications and improvements right away in order to have it to function in a way that’s best for you? Will it be completely functional upon delivery, but become obsolete soon after in that it won’t have the flexibility and capability to scale with you and your business? Furthermore, if you’re purchasing a turnkey solution that everybody else is using, you will then have to find other ways to differentiate yourself.    

This doesn’t mean turnkey or custom is always a bad choice.  There is definitely something to be said for plug-and-play. However, the ideal option, in most cases is a combination of turnkey and custom for you.  Optimal Station offers solutions that are designed entirely around your needs and goals (custom) and delivered ready-to-use (turnkey). Our automated retail and experiential marketing hardware and software are designed to help you grow and then grow along with you.

If you’re a new entrepreneur and/or new to automated retail or experiential marketing, you may not even have a clue what’s around the corner for you.  Hopefully, explosive growth is in your near future.  That will require a strong base of knowledge, connections, and infrastructure.  With the right technology, hardware, software, training, and support, you can be well equipped to scale efficiently and as quickly as you would like.

Optimal Station is here to help, with many years of experience in the industry as well as a multitude of partnerships with hand-picked hardware and software providers.  Optimal specializes in getting to know each client carefully and then designing and creating the system(s) that will work best for them now and in the future, with unparalleled service and support along the way. This business model requires Optimal Station to always be creative and innovative, keeping the client at the forefront of every decision and action.

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