Case study

Berkley Case Study


Fishing Tackle Industry


Gunpowder Inc.

4,026 people
Total Attendee Engagement
5,003 impressions
Waze Ad Report
9,026 impressions
Google Ad Report
Percentage of Goal Reached

The Challenge

When planning the 2021 Bassmaster Classic, Berkley knew it had to go big to stand out from the crowd of competitors exhibiting at this much anticipated annual event that attracts thousands of excited fishing enthusiasts. They needed help creating excitement and intrigue while reinforcing the overall concept, philosophy, and focus: Your Fish, Our Science.

The Solution

Optimal Station constructed four independent interactive activations consisting of three individual Clear View Jr. Stations and a Claw/Crane Station, each in a separate location to allow for engagement with a larger number of participants. Each Station was equipped with custom hardware and software, with various technical functions to showcase a variety of calls-to-action, such as a rotating digital advertising display, QR code dispense, and custom gameplay features.

Company Brief

About Company:

Berkley is a fishing tackle company founded in Spirit Lake, Iowa in 1937 as Berkley Fly Co. by Berkley Bedell. Berkley is currently a brand of Pure Fishing, Inc.


Columbia, SC

Use Case

Build Brand Recognition Reach New Customers Showcase Products Outshine Competitors Increase Social Media Reach


Clear View Jr.
Claw Station Experiential Marketing Services


Experiential Marketing Services: Brand Optimizers Ongoing Event Technical Support All-Inclusive White-Glove Service Station Restocking Post-Event Reporting

Key Metrics

Total Attendee Engagement

4,026 people

Waze Ad Report

5,003 impressions

Google Ad Report

9,026 impressions

Percentage of Goal Reached


Event Attendee Quotes

“Wow I like what you guys did here! The rest of the exhibitors here in this event pretty much just hand out stuff to people in line and that's it. Your machine is fun and gives out actual cool products.”

Bassmaster Attendee

“I can’t believe Berkley put out this vending machine filled with free items here! Berkley gear is a premium brand for us and to have them at this event giving these baits for free is completely unexpected … Thanks Berkley!”

Bassmaster Attendee

“These machines are just amazing! Never thought something like this existed. You guys should place one of these in every National Park so that people that come over can have access to their fishing gear in case they need it."

Lake Ray Roberts Park Rangers


Mini Topics

Attract and engage attendees

Many attendees cheered each other on, especially those who won the most sought after lures. The random dispense feature created excitement amongst attendees as they all were hoping to receive the new fishing lure Berkley recently released. But everyone was excited just to participate.

Maximized the impact

The 3 Clear View Jr. Stations and the Claw Stations were fun ways for Berkley to reward attendees with free items, continuing to build the brand’s image and reputation, while thanking their loyal customers.

Gathered valuable event data

Each Station was equipped with software features allowing Optimizers to monitor, track, and report the QR code dispense giveaways. Optimal's post-event reporting also gave Berkley insights to their Google and Waze Ad Campaigns that Optimal ran for them during the event to drive traffic to the Stations since the Stations were spread throughout the Bassmaster Classic.

Obstacles Optimal Station overcame

The crowds were huge and the Pure Fishing staff was limited, requiring Optimal Station to increase the number of staff and extend working hours, allowing Optimal to act as an extension to the Pure Fishing staff. The lines were almost always 30-40 people deep and attendees were willing to wait more than 30 minutes to have an interaction with the Station. In fact, at times Optimal was instructed to temporarily shut down the Station because the lines got so long they were blocking some of the evening activities. There were significant Verizon internet connection issues. However, Optimal always comes prepared for plan B (and even plan C) so an Optimizer quickly swapped the sim cards out with ATT sim cards to improve reception and improve the experience for the attendees, thereby increasing Berkley’s reach.


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