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The Challenge

In the past, Chase for Business faced a challenge many brands face. They needed to enhance brand awareness, build strong client bonds, and amplify their presence in their competitive market. They recognized that prioritizing individual journeys, spotlighting startup stories, and making a positive community impact were essential components of their strategy. Chase wanted to express gratitude to their premium clients while spotlighting small businesses (and their products) by hosting interactive and engaging events across the country. Their goal was to illuminate unique startup stories and highlight the impact of these businesses within communities. In doing so, they aimed to celebrate diverse entrepreneurial journeys, foster brand loyalty, and bridge corporate stature with trust and authenticity.

The Solution

Chase for Business strategically established The Strategy Studio, a platform that elevated the Chase brand, forged new connections, and fortified existing ones. Anchored by their Minority Entrepreneurship (ME) Program, it served as a hub for aspiring mentees to fully embrace both the program and Chase for Business identity. To help them with their mission, Optimal Station integrated two interactive Chase-branded Clear View Jr. Stations to complement the ME program. Each Station featured an informative digital ad topper highlighting the local businesses involved in the ME Program, along with an interactive user interface touch screen allowing attendees to choose their thank-you-for-your-business gift. The Station’s glass front showcased the local products, which made it even easier for attendees to make their selection. This unique and customized Station significantly increased engagement and brand loyalty among premium members. This innovative approach tackled Chase’s challenges, fostering differentiation and fostering brand strength in a fun and memorable way.

Event Timeline

Company Brief

Curated Giveaways

Mini Topics

Chase Customer Spotlight Unique Start-Up Stories

Lesli Andrews Photography

Leslie Andrews CEO, Leslie Andrews Photography

With the six-in portable tripod and Leslie’s photography tip sheet, you’ll be able to elevate your brand on the go.

Leslie Andrews Photography is an Atlanta-based studio with a focus on fashion and beauty. Leslie has been a passionate photographer for over 15 years. Her niche is branding sessions for entrepreneurs and businesses, providing step-by-step guidance to ensure you receive high-quality photos to promote your business and brand. Leslie’s photography is known for highlighting the unique personality of her small business clients while maintaining a clean, classic, and timeless style.

Doing Good Works

Jordan Bartlett & Scott Henderson CEO and Founders, Doing Good Works Branded

The navy Organic Cotton Dad Hat is made with 100% certified organic cotton and includes a stitched embroidery of your home base.

Doing Good Works Branded (DGW) creates custom merchandise while doing good work for local communities. As a registered B Corp, DGW’s mission is to address systemic injustices faced by former foster care youth by providing them with employment, mentorship, and skills to build a brighter future. Additionally, the company sells high-quality products made from sustainable materials to prevent landfill waste. By creating branded merchandise that makes a big impact, DGW strengthens their clients’ purpose and brand.


Elaine Chow CEO, ChopValue

Celebrate the city that you love with The Skyline Coaster Set that is handcrafted from 150 recycled chopsticks and stores 220g of carbon.

ChopValue is a sustainable engineering and design firm that upcycles disposable chopsticks into new products. Their global network of microfactories has recycled over 50 million chopsticks to date. All of their products are locally handcrafted and are engineered to last a lifetime. ChopValue Boston, featured here, is certified as a B Corp and a minority woman-owned business. They are proud to be a part of the circular economy.

Cutino Sauce Co.

Jacob Cutino CEO, Cutino Sauce Co.

Try two of Cutino Sauce Co.’s most popular sauces, jalapeno, and habanero, in your recipes to elevate your favorite dishes.

Cutino Sauce Co. is a small-batch, artisanal hot sauce company that began in 2015 when founder Jacob Cutino recreated his stepfather’s secret habanero recipe. Initially sold at farmer’s markets, the company quickly gained a reputation for its bold flavors and grew in popularity. The company prides itself on creating all-natural, preservative-free, handmade sauces that pack a big punch in small bottles. With a focus on gourmet flavor, Cutino Sauce Co. pushes the boundaries of what hot sauces can do.


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